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Century City, Cape Town, Western Cape ...

Congratulations for getting my settlement within 20 days, it was brilliant."     
Mmabatho, North West Province... "impressed about how everything was handled.  Thank you once more."  

29 September
Century City, Cape Town, Western Cape

Dear [Labour Protect],
I doubt one can find the words to thank someone like yourself for the understanding and concern you showed toward me after I had only been a member of LABOUR PROTECT for 3months, but once again a very big THANK YOU LABOUR PROTECT.

Your organization had been absolutely fantastic in sorting out my labour dispute with my employer, who suspended me with full pay and then refused to not only pay the salary that was due to me, but not an additional cent for unfair dismissal.
On your recommendation, I attended the disciplinary hearing they had scheduled for me even though they were going to have [Employer Organisation] their as their representative and I was going alone. Despite the odds, I always felt that [Labour Protect] and the Labour Attorney you had instructed to brief me the day before were only a phone call away.

Thanks to [first name of the Labour Protect attorney], the attorney, I was so well prepared and all fired up and did not feel intimidated in the least, as you already explained to me that it was all procedure and that whatever the outcome your organization, Labour Protect, would appeal against.

So I went and listened, took the verdict, signed nothing, tried to behave even though I defended myself, I still felt the whole hearing was a farce and very biased on [Employer's Organisation's] side, but hey, what the hell, I had Labour Protect. I felt strong.

Both [the staff of Labour Protect] and [first name of the Labour Protect attorney] supported me well and understood my situation, that I was the sole breadwinner and that my lifestyle was now being severely prejudiced because my salary for August was already 2 weeks late. And you accommodated me, by settling as I insisted for just the salary and notice pay even though you were confident that you could win on Constructive Dismissal and get me 12months pay. And I know that [first name of the Labour Protect attorney] would have won, because in my opinion he handled the whole situation professionally but vehemently and he was winning.

But alas, I am to blame for asking you guys to settle swiftly for the immediate overdue salary and the notice pay and not to go into a long protracted legal battle we all knew we would win, and come away with a years salary. I needed to pay my rent.

Congratulations for getting my settlement within 20 days, it was brilliant.

This is not the first time I belong to a union for professional people and I must say the previous claim I had was not handled in the same manner as Labour Protect did. You are the best.
You made me feel important, cared for and special. You showed concern for my plight and acted promptly, yet you never did anything without consulting with me first and enquiring about my monetary situation.

I will be giving this advise to all Professional Employees out there that this must be their top priority to join Labour Protect. When they leave home in the morning to go to work, know that they are prepared to take any curve ball their employer might throw them that day. Know that they are Protected by Labour Protect for if they're not, they could very well end up like me, except that I had Labour Protect to assist me.

As a middle class employee, there's not always that assurance that should they be unfairly dismissed tomorrow they will be able to pay their bond, car or rental or even their childrens schooling, but with Labour Protect they have that guarantee that protection is only a phonecall away.

Their will be less suicides out there if their are more people affiliated to Labour Protect.

I have been in a labour dispute and could take it in my stride because of you.

Thank you [Labour Protect].

Kind Regards,

4 July
Mmabatho, North West Province
Hi [Labour Protect]

I just want to thank you sincerely for your assisting me with the problem I had at work.  I also want to inform you that everything is going smoothly at the office.  The atmosphere was not OK in the beginning but everything seems to be falling into place.  It is all  A BIG THANK YOU TO LABOUR PROTECT.

Secondly, I also wish to thank you for making a double deduction from my salary because that confirms my standing with you financially. 

Lastly, I have introduced 3 people from my company [3 names provided] These people were impressed about how everything was handled.  Thank you once more.

[Member's name, and telephone numbers.]